haha yess

If You Are Going To Act Like A Turd Go Lay In The Yard Sign by Sawdust City. These signs are made in Wisconsin and are solid knotty pine with a smooth finish that is intended to look time worn.

Look at this bitch

Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. 'Look at this bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place. Haha so true!

So funny.

One does not simply tease the Willis…

zach galifinakis bruce willis between two ferns. Favorite of all the two ferns.

Minions...I want!

Just Minions

Hehe :) i love Kevin The Minion. He and his friends are soooo funny > can't wait the the sequel of Despicable Me.


Sex Ed Should Be Taught By A Pregnant Woman Four Days Past Her Due Date! It would scare the crap outta kids!


This is me in any body of water other than a tub or a swimming pool.lol Yes, jacuzzi's too if I'm in it with other people. I simply don't go into any water that isn't perfectly clear and free of animal life without freaking out.


Like if your a fan of Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it’s time to get up

haha love it

Free and Funny Sports Ecard: Southern girls know their religions: Baptist, Methodist, & College Football.


Simply put, this is the Fab mantra—it’s on every email from our CEO. And now, with the Smile, You’re Designed To Print, it can live on your desk. It’ll be almost like you’re right here with us! White print with black type.