Beautiful Gardens

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beautiful garden on both sides of the fence! Bring plants from NJ. Add morning-glories for blue with yellow.

GARDEN STORY - Mark D. Sikes: Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things

Cottage garden

Queen-of-the-prairie (Filipendula rubra) is a native of the eastern U.S. It can reach as much as 8 feet tall and likes a lot of water. Read about examples of other wet-area plants at

Shade Plants

I came across this red-yellow-white color scheme in Woodstock, Vermont, USA and had to have a photo. Geraniums (red), marigolds (yellow), and cosmos (white) do the honors. Get more ideas for color schemes at

Knockout roses and hostas planted along fence

Burning bushes living fence

5 beautiful bushes to plant in the yard. good for privacy and very easy on the eye! such pretty colors! buddiea(pink),forsythia spectabilis(yellow), spirea arguta(white), ceanothus yankee point(blue), and weigelia(burgundy)

Burning bush -- dark green in summer & red in fall, easy to grow & minimal care, full sun/part shade, 5 ft high, cold & drought hardy, disease resistant, fast growing

Gorgeous Perennial Garden Ideas

How to create tree flower beds. #flower #flowerbeds #yard #home #house #landscaping #cper #compactpower

20 Easy and Cheap DIY Ways to Enhance The Curb Appeal. Not just gardening ideas, but other easy home improvement projects.


Old door and sink become a new potting bench. I just happen to have the sink for this.


Are you starting to plan your fall flower garden? Don't overlook the potential offered by flowering kale and cabbage. Here are some more tips to ensure that your autumn landscape will look its best:

The term "xeriscaping" was first coined by the Denver Water Board and has been used to describe landscaping methods that will reduce irrigation needs and maximize the use of natural precipitation. In this front yard, drought-resistant plants are staged around boulders that help block runoff after storms.

.~Kirishima azalea, In Japan~.

Beautiful colors