how to rewire a lamp DIY tutorial

Lamp Wiring Tutorial- great step by step pics. You can make lamps out of all kinds of neat items, Stacked books, glass jars, etc

What cool light fixtures. ( #12253207))

master bedroom makeover, bedroom ideas, design d cor, Walking in to the new room. Design only. Not the colour or decor.

lamp shade covered with love letter to child for nursery DIY

a little glass box: Horsin' around. A letter from the parents to a child on a lampshade in the child's room. Great idea -- can be any written word for a lamp in any room.

how to rewire a lamp -- wonderful -- at

Westinghouse 7026800 Make-A-Lamp Socket Kit, 660 W, Standard, Metal (Grey)

Teapot Lamp Anthro knockoff! -- DIY tutorial -- how to drill holes in ceramic, wiring lamp

LOVE this! DIY: Anthro Inspired Teapot Lamp - made from thrifted teapots, cups, plates, etc. Tutorial shows you how to drill through glass, how to assemble & how to wire a lamp.

Beaded Lamp inspiration for a DIY tutorial at IvyCottage. --

Ever wonder what to do with all those Mardi Gras beads?glue mardi gras beads to a lamp and spray paint silver!

ruffled lampshade tutorial

DIY Anthropologie-inspired Ruffled Burlap Lamp - Strips of burlap are ruffled and affixed to a lampshade.