Litter Box Enclosure I have a client who has this and it really does look like a bench! you cant smell the litter box which is a plus!

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Frame gallery in the entryway

This can be done as an entry way, going up the stairs and even in the bedrooms and baths!! LOVE IT!!!

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Cat litter box: Get a plastic container and cut a hole in the front. Make sure the box is a little bigger than the litter container itself so that it can trap the litter inside the box. Put a foam mat at the bottom, a few hooks on the side for items such as the scooper and attach a motion light to the back. Thats it! The smell and the litter will stay trapped in the box and you will have everything you need in one spot!

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Feather stencil, ethnic decor element for wall, furniture or textile. Painting ideas for wall.

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You could easily do the over the bed shelving using an IKEA shelf. They have little lights like those, too! And it would probably be MUCH less expensive. A great way to create a headboard without really having to have an actual, super high headboard.

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Idea Room Linky Party 2

Thermostat frame, from a Dollar Tree frame. This whole board is filled with ideas for you @Delly Dyer Dyer A Bryant. More to come later!

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PC Day 2 – Organizing and Cleaning

What an easy schedule…in theory. Now, if I can only create a schedule so I can remember to look at this schedule. Going to try this one. Might have to tweak it to fit my life, but it's an awesome idea.

27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box

cat litter box.... Every cat person i know should have this. It has got to be the most hygienic liter box solution, EVER! especially since the only way to know if your cat has toxoplasmosis is by getting it tested, indoors or outdoors.

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