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    Everest John Alexander ~~~ Bible Teacher, 24 Yrs ~~~ Network Marketer, 20 Yrs ~~~ Author, 9 Yrs ~~~ Gospel Rapper, 26 Yrs ~~~ Poet, 30+ Yrs ~~~ Husband, 27 Yrs ~~~ Father, 27 Yrs ~~~ All-round Nice Guy, 51 Yrs! My Observations and Thoughts on Life, Relationships, Religion & Business!

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    Christ Made Peace Between Jews and Gentiles!

    RE-Think Peace on Earth

    Is Taking Human Life Ever Justified?   I recently published a Blog post entitled, "Is Capital Punishment Wrong?" A Christian Brother  on LinkedIn named Brian read the post and left the comment...

    Capital Punishment: Part 2

    Capital Punishment - Is It Ever Right To Take Human Life?

    Is Capital Punishment Wrong?

    Re-Think The 10 Commandments. Understanding Satan's Strategy Against Believers today.

    Re-Think The 10 Commandments

    This internet meme offers a tongue-in-cheek “solution” to the problem of Islamic Terrorism facing the world. The problem with this supposed “solution” is that Islam is not a nation like Japan so we can’t “make peace” with them in the same way.

    Re-Think "Making Peace" With Islam

    God Promised the Land of Canaan to Israel in an Everlasting Covenant. The Covenant was Made to Abraham AND HIS DESCENDANTS

    What Does "Support Israel" Mean For Present-Day Christians?

    John G Lake and The Law of the Spirit of Life. His Testimony During the Bubonic Plague

    John G Lake: Bubonic Plague Testimony

    Why Does the World Hate Israel So Much? And What Should Bible Believing Christians Do About It?

    A Bible Believing Christian's Response to Anti-Semitism

    Israel and Her Enemies: A Biblical Perspecvtive

    Re-Think Israel and Her Enemies

    Prison Debate Team Beats Harvard Debate Team

    What I Learned About Pursuing Purpose and Family Life From “The Incredibles” Movie

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    Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy Now? Click here to read his story ==> everestalexander....

    Julius - Aint No Sunshine

    Atheism vs. Christianity

    Are Atheists Fools?

    Living a successful life as a Christian is based entirely on learning to love others with the love of God.

    Understanding the Commandment of Love

    Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged. What Does it Really Mean to Judge Others?

    Re-Think Judging Others

    Re-Think Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.

    Re-Think Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom

    Understanding Your Spiritual Authority In Jesus Name! As a Child of God You Have Authority Over Demonic Spirits... They Have No Authority Over You.

    In Jesus name... What Does It Really Mean?

    Love the Sinner Hate the Sin

    Atheism and Homosexuality: What do They Have in Common?

    Victory In Faith

    The #1 Reason Christians Get Sick and Broke

    Effective Evangelism

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    Neerja Bhanot: The Heroine of Hijacked Pan Am Flight 73

    Neerja Bhanot: Heroine of Hijacked PA 73

    Re-Think the Assurance of your Salvation

    Re-Thinking the Assurance of Your Salvation

    Nature Truth, John Alexander S, Everest John, Alexander S Blog

    Re-Think Truth

    Re-Thinking Homosexuality in Light of God's Original Intent For Humanity. Genesis 1:28

    Re-Think Homosexuality

    Time to Re-Think Atheism Young People   Have you heard this one before? You ask a young person, "Why are you an Atheist?" And they smugly respond, "I'm an Atheist because I learned to think fo...

    Re-Think Atheism