Eu amo gritar memes tipo o oh gas birl prsadao e irineu
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earth + compass #earthtattoo #compasstattoo #blacktattoo #blackwork #tattoo…

Where ya will go A compass is a navigational instrument to determine the direction of magnetic north, which is important for the mariners of early age to find their way of navigation. Compass tattoo, or its derived compass rose tattoo… Continue Reading →

Adoramos a mesa e o sofá cama com luminárias

Can i have my pool table again? Pity the hon doesn't play pool. Baby, you get the dining table, i get the pool table? Sounds like a fair deal to me =)

Invenções realmente legais

Interesting Inventions - i don't know why, but i want ALL of these things. Except for the dinosaur bed that's stupid

Os degraus são excelentes!

Just when you thought all the good ideas were taken.i like the drawer idea and the tea bag holder idea!

Quero tudo isso na minha casa

Trampolín, de la cama a la piscina! So many cool things in one place! I want the bedroom!

Objeto criativo

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and you know what that means: new gadgets galore. Before heading out to your favorite store (online or offline), here are a few fun and cool gadgets / accessories that you should keep an eye out for.

é por isso que eu amo asiáticos

'useless' japanese products via some of them look pretty nifty though. *I like the butter stick.lol*<let's not forget that umbrella tie

Coisas legais

to the last one: or you can teach your kids how to peel potatoes properly. I have only cut myself once using a peeler, and it was bc i was doing it wrong!