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One more time and I'll strangle you

Loyal to the man she loves and fights to make him happy. Submissive in his arms but strong by his side. Silly and sexy. HQ & J❤️

How to tie a heart knot

DIY Heart Knot Bracelet Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

DIY Heart Knot. Would make a cute necklace!

Have a fun themed box full of the best toys & all-natural treats delivered every month! BarkBox pup testers and pup-ruvin' hoomans spend months selecting the best products, but if your pup doesn't ruv an item in their box, we'll send you a replacement better suited for them (Scout's Honor!).

How to trim your dogs nails... Good tip is to start playing with your pets feet at a young age so they get accustomed to you touching their feet and nails. With black nails, trim little bits until you start to see the black "bullseye" in the center of the nail.

Birds Eye View of the Katydid www.birdseyeviewo... A daily blog targeting baby boomers and other real people. Natural healing/living, home remedies, improving relationships, de-cluttering and getting organized, making our homes warm and fuzzy and just living our best life now.

Beautiful zentangle - loads more to see ** love them all **

See how to turn a piece of cardboard, some strands of rope, and a few pom poms into a beautiful bohemian rug!

Drew Miller after being hit in the face with a skate

How does your Pet communicate with you? Learn about different signs to understand their needs better. Talk with your pet today! #dogcommunication #catcommunication

Set 1 Butterfly Embroidery pattern download

Craft Project Ideas: Make These Macrame Hanging Planters in 30 Minutes!

Vintage Floral Wreaths Colorwork - Embroidery Playground | OregonPatchWorks

Harley and Joker - Proposal by shrouded-artist on DeviantArt

2015 Stanley Cup Bingo!!! ..missing the "Harvard Man" reference for the Lightning.

Harley Quinn by lazytigerart