101 Creative Christmas Card Ideas

101 Creative Christmas Card Ideas


photo pose for photoshoot

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Take pictures with your best friends! click the pic to see ideas for Seniors, families, couples,

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so fun! this reminds me of a picture that i have of my cousins taken at an outdoor concert. :)

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Great idea for large families, or when you need that picture of grandparents with grandkids.

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friendship photos are so cool this and this is really cool

Bungalow'56: One Thing I Know For Sure


I want to do a photoshoot with a bunch of my friends!


Do People Really Like You?


All the cousins lined up want to do this for the next cousin photo session of my kids & my sister & brothers!!! Super cute, my Papa would love it if the photo was in front of sugar cane !! Definately doing this with my kids and my brothers kids. :)

Notes by Vladimir Vdovin | 500px


Just love this--might have to get Lesley to try this for us. Photo by Angie Monson at Simplicity Photography.

The Johansen Lovlies.


What to wear for engagement pictures. Spring outfit ideas with seabreeze and pastels. #whattowear #styleguide #engagement

NOSTALGIA: Spring Engagement - What to Wear

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Basement stairway? This is probably one of my favorite photo gallery walls! I LOVE the pops of green and blue frames mixed in amongst the greys and whites. Beautiful!

Decor And The Dog: Favorite Project- The Lil House That Could


10 Tips for Taking Adorable Baby Kiss Photos

10 Tips for Taking Adorable Baby Kiss Photos — The Mom Creative


Simple steps for beginner to do a clean edit in Photoshop Elements. | Everyday Elements

Simple Edit Steps in Photoshop Elements -Fix It Friday


the top ten: newborn poses

Design Aglow

The top ten newborn poses in under a minute


Editing photos with Curves: BloggerPhotographer says: I don’t know about you, but if I could only use one tool in photoshop for the rest of my life, it would be Curves. It can do so much! Not only can it lighten up your images, but it can make your colors and contrast pop by making an S curve. To do that, just add a second point in the curves window, and drag it down a bit. This is pictured here.

The One Step Wonder: Curves Tool


How to Shoot Amazing Water Droplet Macro Photographs

How to Shoot Amazing Water Droplet Macro Photographs


5 Things that changed my newborn photography by Lacey Meyers via Click it Up a Notch

Click it Up a Notch

5 Tips that Changed my Newborn Photography - Click it Up a Notch


steps to setting up in manual: first set white balance, second set iso, then set aperture, and finally your shutter speed

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Family Portrait Ideas- posing and metering--Set your camera with an ISO 100 or 200, your aperture around f/8, and the fastest shutter speed you can get, being sure to keep it above 1/60s to avoid blur from people moving. If you aren’t able to reach great light with these settings, raise your ISO as high as 400.

Family Picture Ideas - Its Overflowing - Photography


stairway wall decor ideas | How To Display Photographs On a Wall: Photo Wall Ideas


How To Display Photographs On a Wall: Photo Wall Ideas


15 Practical Ways to Use Your Camera at Walt Disney World -- This is one of the "smartist" and most helpful lists I've seen. Especially make sure you do #9 -- it can save your vacation!.

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Simple Photography Guide!

Super Helpful Photography Guide


21 Family Silhouette Inspiration, with tips on how to shoot a great silhouette

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

Family Silhouette Inspiration


Lots of Photoshop editing tutorials

night-fate's deviantART gallery