Mom and baby cow... Really people its called a cow and calf!... City slickers

Mom and baby cow. Really people its called a cow and calf! City slickers Mom and baby sounds just right for me :-)

Martha Stewart on How to Make Sauerkraut

5 Tips for Making Sauerkraut at Home

Meet the new generation of sauerkraut. It's naturally fermented, comes in audacious flavors, and isn't just for hot dogs.from Martha Stewart

Lemon split in fours

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Moroccan Preserved Lemons: you just need lemons, salt and large jar. Time and beneficial bacteria will do the rest.

A super photo of a beautiful Holstein cow.

A Holstein Cow With a Piebald Coat at the Indiana State Fair Photographic Print by Vincent J.

bucketlist - make sauerkraut: 3 quarts water 13½ tablespoons coarse kosher salt, fine sea salt or pickling salt (divided; see note) 12 pounds green cabbage (3 or 4 medium heads)

How To Make a Big Batch of Brined Sauerkraut

In today's shaky economic times combined with a movement to eat more sustainably, we're turning more to DIY food-related projects

Custom Branding Irons by RubberBallsAndLiquor on Etsy

Custom Branding Irons via Etsy Kind of a cool way to create marketing identity on merchandising displays or even on what you sell!

Fermentation crock -- Every jar is hand crafted, and will reflect subtle variation in tone and pattern. It comes with a set of crescent-shaped weights to keep fermenting vegetables submerged in brine, and a booklet—written and illustrated by Sarah—with instructions for use and recipes. Each jar holds 1.5 gallons and measures nearly a foot tall. Made in California.

Fermentation Crock - Matte White Fog

Graphic design inspiration

Graphic design inspiration


Yes, another new crop of poster prints from papercut artist extraordinaire Nikki McClure. Please stop by & check them out.

Use of solid black with pattern

my love for you is a stampede of horses.: nikki mcclure: vote for survival.

Steak Branding Iron | These clever branding irons, from the famous King Ranch Saddle Shop in Kingsville, Texas, allow you to make your mark on dinner. $10 each |

Father's Day Gift Guide

Steak Branding Iron, King Ranch Saddle Shop, Kingsville, Texas, allow you to make your mark on dinner.