Referência sombras

This could be designs for Oddy Smog's Misadventure But they are DARKLINGS by Juan Casini, via Behance black and white game

Nivel de Iconicidad 5 — Representación Figurativa no Realista

This whimsical charcoal cat drawing. He who has not learned everyday to conquer their fear, has not learned the secret of life. Courage leads to heaven, fear leads to death ~Sencca

Creepy Drawings by Kirill Semenov

Creepy Drawings by Kirill Semenov “ Another artist we’ll introduce today is Kirill Semenov from Russia. Kirill aka Skirill specializes in various original creepy drawings ”

Kerby Rosanes - Are you an #artist ? Visit #art #arte #artystas

Within Us skull illustration by Michelle Harvey inspiration for neck tattoo.