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Sozos Mavrommatis

Sozos Mavrommatis
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small owl tattoo - Google-haku

If you enjoy tattoos, you might look at an owl tattoo which might not be one of the known common tattoos, yet it's popular. They are gener.

eye tattoos | ... only you should go ahead with it here are some examples of eye tattoos

The Lidless Eye Tattoo Design this is one of those tattoos that it is impossible to tear your eyes away. Find out the meaning of eye tattoo, the meaning of this

«Odin» | A2, rapidographs, black pastel. Odin's wolves Geri and Freki, a pair of ravens Huginn and Muninn, Yggdrasil, Odin's eye, norns, runes and northern sky. You can find me also ...

Black and grey half sleeve tattoo design, one of my favorites. << Reminds me of a drawing done by Nemi . but with Laurent (Les Twins)