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Explore our tribute to good craftsmanship. Founded in 1839.

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Lay a beautiful table – perhaps for a relaxed brunch with your family.

Discover the many different ways of using these charming Hammershøi egg cups. Lay a beautiful table – perhaps for a relaxed brunch with your family.

The popular cups and jugs have been given new glazes in modern, subdued colours to create an informal elegance.

Elegant design range with historical references The elegant Hammershøi range is designed with simple, stylish details, inspired by the historical works of the world-famous artist Svend Hammershøi.

Use Hammershøi to create a complete, modern dinner table with everything from tableware to cutlery, vases, candle holders and much more.

Use the anthracite Hammershøi serving jug for both cold and hot liquids – for example, lovely summer lemonade – or maybe cold buttermilk soup?

See the mint Hammershøi fruit dish in Kähler’s webshop here

This beautiful paper towel holder is designed in white ceramic with the elegant Hammershøi furrows – and a body in solid, oiled oak.

Buy Kähler’s egg cups from the elegant Hammershøi range

With its characteristic furrows, the glass is a natural addition to the popular tableware, where practicality and aesthetics meet traditional craftsmanship and classic Danish design.