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Gray Banded King Snake - used to have one of these. super friendly

Grey Banded King Snake - Beautiful w/a Sweet Disposition (Had)

Baby Albino Cobra

Exhibit A. Me: Really? The poor thing looks sunburned. Update: For the record, this is the fake too-pink image. The next picture, the pale pink snake, is the original image.

acrobatic Frog

Spirit of the frog - totem - transiition and renewal. Rebirth and understanding of ancient wisdom. Hold on tight dear one, the flower has your back. shaded swing by Savas Sener on TINY frog! the flower it's on is less than an inch wide!

the hand of a fan-fingered gecko by Igor Siwanowicz

the hand of a fan-fingered gecko by Igor Siwanowicz- It looks like each finger has a hand at the end of it.

The Yi Action Camera retails for around US$64. It is currently only available in China. Photo: Xiaomi

Chinese technology startup Xiaomi today launched YiCamera, its rugged, sports GoPro-like video camera. Much like any other product by Xiaomi, the YiCamera also comes at an enticing price point, cos.