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I truly believe this especially as I've gotten older. You can never truly know if you will actually end marrying the person your dating, but if you go into a relationship knowing you wont marry them, it's sort of pointless

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“If we work together the pie can be bigger, for everyone. I truly believe that. If everybody uses his or her talent we can built a strong economy and a pleasant place to work, play and share.” – Irene Janssen, Candidate European Elections, CDA, nr 12

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If you don't like Cinderella because she seems so "naive" and "weak," listen to this quote from the Walt himself: "She believed in dreams, all right, but she also believed in doing something about them. When Prince Charming didn't come along, she went over to the palace and got him."

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What fantasy literature can do to you. "I found comfort through literature, I loved getting lost in things as marvelous and as wonderful as books. They made me forget about my own troubles, like a submarine and the sea, they submerged me so perfectly."

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Some people, no matter what you do, are not going to be for you. Even if you changed, met all their demands and did everything they asked, they would still find something wrong. Ignore those critical voices. You don’t need those people’s approval.

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Wow..... This is EXACTLY how I feel. You mean so much to me but I have to comes to grips that I must not mean that much to you. This has torn me up for so long but moving on has started to become easier. Sure I have my days....

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Favorite? HOW CAN YOU CHOSE A FAVORITE?! Someone came up to me and said why do I like to read reading is four dorks and it sucks *into book "cough"* "You have no soul" I think it was too muffled four them to here then again they looked pissed hehehe.

"Don't be afraid of losing someone who doesn't feel lucky to have you." You weren't blood, but you were my family...