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"Promise me you will marry him. To y'all out there, marry the one you love. Not the first one you see. Don't ask me how you will know. You just will. Promise? Forever and always-Farah A." By another pinner- I totally agree Ariel

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It will never die. Or break. Or be destroyed even if hit by a car.

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♥ Krystal♥ SLYTHERIN{ wear } THE FELLOWSHIP{ LORD OF THE RINGS } MARAUDER{ I solemnly swear... } MORDOR{ LORD OF THE RINGS } DEATH EATER{ wear } THE ONE RING{ LORD OF THE RINGS } I SPEAK PARSELTONGUE{ wear } Im a Potterhead.A Slytherin.A Disney kid. A...

Must show this to my friend when he complains about his brothers girlfriend "cutting into his gaming time" <<<COD has no pause button. It's online. So for a guy to take a chance of their guy dying just to text a girl and call her pretty; that's a keeper!!