Riga, Latvia.

These are stunning examples of art nouveau in architecture from Riga, Latvia. They represent their amazing Art Nouveau district.


my place to be in the world, with a glass of wine in hand :) Tower Bridge - London

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Another place I would live to visit would be Denmark. I have a lot of family in Denmark that I either have never met or have not seen in a long time. Going to Denmark would need to be a 3 week trip at least for me to see and do all I want to there.

Harrods, London

Harrods, London, England - Still have wonderful memories of shopping in this amazing place where they will get you WHATEVER you want! Still have my shopping bags!


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Stockholm. Sweden.

Sweden’s capital city Stockholm is built on 14 islands. Water covers one third of the city’s area and is so clean that you can catch salmon right in the city centre.

Genova, Italy.

Genoa is one of the most attractive cities of Italy. The city of Genoa is located on the hilly terrain. The location of Genoa has added more charm to the beauty

Savona, Italy.

Very nice market on Sundays with lots of cheese, olive oil, and prosciutto.