pinterest much?

Yes! Like seriously, every conversation I have begins with these words. I finally found this pin, and I'm so glad I did.

true story

if being in my pajamas by is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Also, if I'm still in my pajamas at is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

Ain't that the truth.

Some people really get offended when they are being treated the same way they treat people.


I do many things well, none of which generate income.or at least that I'm willing to commit to generate income.


Says my husband to me.I love you so much. Except when you snore and then I just want to punch you in the face.


This made me giggle! Funny Wedding Ecard: Marriage is just a fancy word for adopting an overgrown man child who cant take care of himself.


Funny Thinking of You Ecard: I feel a spree coming on. Its either a shopping one, or a killing one. The choice is totally up to you.


I'm going to introduce you to But first, please take a moment to say goodbye to your family & friends.

True story.

Clearly she hasn't mastered her OCD yet. I write my list the FIRST time in order of where I find it in the store. And it's not OCD, I call it time management.

so true!

Or maybe mine should just say, "I had my wedding before I cared about weddings." Or maybe, "I had my wedding before I had style.