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I love this idea with my families birth flowers with an earth symbol in the triangle. Back of my arm would be perfect.

Black Roses Back of Arm Women's Tattoo -

100+ of Most Beautiful Floral Tattoos Ideas

Mandala tattoo. I've wanted a mandala for a while.

a mandala that would be a beautiful tattoo. how about for a cover up tattoo? or half mandala tattoo

Amazing Peony Tattoo

Amazing Peony Tattoo

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Can't say I've ever wanted a tattoo on my ass, or that high on my hip but I like how this flows and is ever so slightly covering it all instead of like full on, your whole ass is covered lol

I love this man so much. Alex Minsky Marine Lance Cpl. is an Afghan war veteran who lost his leg after his truck rolled over an IED (improvised explosive device). PhotographerTom Cullissaw Alex at the gym an immediately recruited him to model. Alex has gone on to shoot forMichael StokesJustin.

Alex Minsky is a former Marine who lost his right leg in Afghanistan after his truck ran over an explosive. According to GuySpy, the Marine spent days in a coma