I'm convinced that Siberian huskies are one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs ♥

Life Expectancy in Siberian Huskies.Click the picture to read. There're so beautiful!

And finally, this spotted trotter who is definitely WAY. TOO. CUTE. TO HANDLE.

27 Puppies Who Are Too Cute To Be Real

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<Adopted by Naliya>This is Spot, she's a dalmation puppy with five brothers and three sisters, her father died from heart attack shortly after she was born.😘 Adopted by Naliya.

Sleeping dogs that have mastered the art of Sleep-Fu

Sleeping dogs that have mastered the art of Sleep-Fu

Haha - Sleeping dogs are so much like humans. We all seem to get into some of the craziest positions when we sleep!

Let us help you figure out what type of dog you should take home.

What Type of Dog Should You Adopt?

You can't handle the cuteness of a Klee Kai puppy, a breed when full-grown, will be about the size of a Cocker Spaniel, and look like a mini-Husky. A husky puppy is just about as far as you can get on the cuteness scale in my opinion.

Cute puppy sitting on couch.. Click the pic for more awww

What Cute Baby Animal Are You?

Cute little Rottweiler puppy. This reminds me of my friend Rottweiler watching over my son, but much bigger.