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funny pranks upside down water glass have fun cleaning up love dad

April Fools Day Prank using party poppers and some tape.

April Fool's Day Prank War

Prank using party poppers and some tape. ~~~ I would honestly feel so special if this happened to me

Office Pranks For April Fools Day

Super Simple + Hilarious April Fools Pranks

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funny prank on back of truck honk and say hi jason he doesn't know this is here

April Fools Day Pranks Pictures and Ideas. This post contains many wonderful April fools day prank ideas and their result pictures.

April fools joke

25 Of The Best and Cruelest April Fools Ideas.

Best April Fools prank ever! Someone did that in my class years ago & I never ate it because I could smell the toothpaste & I hate mint.

Lol gonna try this More

Take mentos and freeze them in ice cubes. Put ice cubes in a friends coke. After 5 minutes your friends drink will randomly explode.

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April Fool's Day Prank ( the victim will exclaim " That's not REMOTELY funny ! " Ps with this prank = remember like toys at Christmas, batteries are not included ‼️

April fools!!

April fools pranks, wrap your garbage bags like this and leave out for the trash truck or by dumpster, looks like dead body wrapped in plastic,

#Really good prank to pull on a germaphobe!! OMG this is great idea for 4/1/14

For those of our dear friends who use way too much hand sanitizer. (Some people just want to watch the world burn). Funny prank: put clear glue into a hand sanitizer bottle.

Put a surprise in the mail box.

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