baby's first thanksgiving turkey hat.

Little Turkey Baby Hat

baby's first thanksgiving turkey hat. ~ wait a minute. wait a minute. "baby's first thanksgiving" hat, or "baby's first" thanksgiving hat? either way, pretty hilarious.

wedding photo

love the wind in this shot: Gone with the Wind : this black and white wedding photo is absolutely beautiful and so romantic.

so pretty!!

Gorgeous wedding pictures and some great ideas. perfect lighting in this picture! I want a picture like this!

dad & baby

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California St. San Francisco.

California Street in San Francisco / photo by Chris Chabot.the first time i drove in san francisco was quite nerve qracking but the city is one of the most interesting ive ever visited, immensely diverse.

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, Sunset, San Francisco, California ooh I wanna be there, in my city by the bay.

Elegant Ojai Resort Wedding

Getting married? Here are 75 stunning real wedding picture ideas to inspire you when building your own album.