This couldn't describe you better hahah

Nursing eCard: I am not anxious, I am just extremely well educated about all the things that can go catastrophically wrong. SO TRUE

My thoughts exactly

and not just about chocolate - but tortilla chips, cheese, bread, etc. Actually, chocolate tastes better than skinny feels. So there.

Momma Bear

I may look quiet & reserved, but if you mess with my kids, I will show you 7 different kinds of crazy! -- this is my mother--

LOL truth

(Everytime) Funny Friendship Ecard: My clever comebacks usually surface an hour too late.

Me and Lori lol

I can actually hear your words being misspelled while you are speaking to me - Quote - Amen - Pet Peeve -

It's rude to interrupt my anxiety attack with your positive thoughts. For real though.If you dont suffer from anxiety than you have no reason to talk and do something YOU think would work

Trust me, you can dance. Throw Pillow by Sara Eshak

Every time you do math!

I hate math! And this has happened to me in school so many times! What would be the square root of WHAT? Mr math teacher Please !

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