The Hunger Games

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Hunger Games Map Of Panem. Okay, but is that the OFFICIAL map of Panem? Then again I'll be dead so I won't be reaped.

This. Is. Awesome.

The most expected sequel…

duh katniss

I fell off my bed laughing at this. That's how freaking FUNNY it is!<< jace wouldn't be laughing "duck"."WHERE*frantic searching gets killed by an axe" ohhh duck!

Repin if you actually read the books! But I thought it came off as pretty clear what it means, though...

I realized that when I saw the first movie. People were asking other people what it meant at the end of the movie! I was just thinking "read the book people!

oh my gosh

Wow <<< real age casting has power<<< I haven't watched the movies, but, yeah. The actual horror of CHILDREN slaughtering eachother for entertainment is all sorts of horrifying.

Hunger games

I think she would make a fantastic president snow. Also defying being a girl instead of a boy for President Snow

Hunger Games humor #Artsandcrafts

It's a Hunger Games reference. District Two produces all the police and career tributes. So their school consists of learning to kill people. Jokes are a lot less funny once they're explained.