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    Kaizen Institute Consulting Group
    Kaizen Institute Consulting Group

    Kaizen Institute Consulting Group

    We enable leaders to achieve their performance dreams through continuous improvement. Kaizen Institute Consulting Group specializes on worldwide consulting of c

    KAIZEN™ Insight Tours - Seeing is believing! In April, the Aditya Birla Group, a diversified Indian group nominated thirteen of its senior leadership team members to attend a customized five day KAIZEN™ Insight Tour to Japan. Read more:

    Kaizen Institute’s KAIZEN™Kongress K2 is the first international congress sponsored by the Global Operations group, Switzerland. Kaizen Institute celebrates the three decades of Continuous Improvement development, based on the passion and magical power that Continuous Improvement contributes to the economy, society and humanity. For more information about this exciting event please visit the K2 webpage ( and register now to secure your spot.

    KAIZEN French Tour - Register now! 22.08.2014 A trip to discover KAIZEN at its source in JAPAN – En Français!

    Kaizen Institute India and Economic Times announce the Economic Times Operational Excellence

    5S Thinking – The White Gloves Explained. White gloves are regarded in Japan as a symbol of engaging in a clean work.

    Where Did the Kaizen Event Come From?. Kaizen events were never meant to be a consulting method, but due to the ‘show’ value, they became a very popular but not totally accurate way to implement kaizen..

    Extending Process Innovation Across an Industry. Sometimes innovation is so obvious, after the fact, it makes us wonder

    Lessons in Kaizen from Pope Francis. My Portuguese isn't perfect, but last week I think Pope Francis gave a speech about kaizen..

    Video fo Kaizen In Action. RDC Aquatic center is one of Kaizen Institute New Zealand's clients and they have opened their doors to show how much they have improved by implementing kaizen at their facilities.

    Kaizen Institute has a full schedule of lean events with workshops on how to achieve continuous improvement throughout 2014. From Lean strategy to daily gemba improvements there is a rich list of kaizen events all over the world.

    Kaizen Institute Spain held, at CEOE Headquarters in Madrid, the presentation of Success Stories at Kaizen Lean Awards where organizations were acknowledged for their Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence efforts.

    Masaaki Imai and Kaizen Institute Consulting Group closed this year strong after 4 events in Europe and 3 in the Americas: Finland, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Romania, Mexico and Chile. The lean guru behind Kaizen philosophy keeps pushing forward on new ways to improve organizations and explains that “Kaizen is everywhere improvement, everybody improvement, every day improvement”

    Total Environmental Management is a new service by Kaizen Institute India It is the first such integrated service offered in India. It is an integrated approach to Identifying and Managing the five environmental hazards that your or any other organization has to deal with on a day to day basis. Going Green, being Sustainable etc, are no more mere buzz words! It is a business imperative and makes economic sense.

    Creating a Kaizen Culture Align the Organization, Achieve Breakthrough Results and Sustain the Gains is now available for ordering at amazon. Kaizen culture is the “secret sauce” that turns disconnected and incremental tool-based improvements into sustainable organization-wide transformations. “Creating a Kaizen Culture” is a must-read for managers whose organizations are striving for world class excellence.

    Masaaki Imai in Italy December 2nd. The Kaizen Guru is going to Italy to share decades of experience We offer the opportunity for managers or entrepreneurs to meet Massaki Imai, the founder and top expert in continuous improvement and innovation. Particpate in workshops related to Product, Supply Chain and Sales. Registrations are free. Come and join us with Masaaki Imai on December 2nd in Italy to learn more about Kaizen Philosophy."

    Three decades after the publication of Masaaki Imai’s Kaizen: The secret to Japans competitive success, kaizen has become an everyday word in business circles. True understanding of how to implement kaizen as part of an organization’s culture is still limited, so the mission of Kaizen Institute continues.

    In January 2011 the Gemba Research operation officially merged into Kaizen Institute. The Gemba operations in the USA, China, Japan and Singapore became new Kaizen Institute business units.

    Masaaki Imai is the Founder of Kaizen Institute which was established in Switzerland in 1985 to help companies implement the practice of kaizen and the various systems and tools known today as Lean Management.