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Pillowcase dress

pillowcase dress---READ THE ATTACHED ARTICLE.not bc you need to know how to make a dress.but because you can help others by making a dress!

T-shirt with cape style sleeves Linda blusa 3 patrones / simple / SECOND STREET


All the crazy knots

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Шьём подушки

How to sew a mitered corner - Melly Sews

Sew Napkins - Mitered Corners or Rolled Hems - Melly Sews How to sew a mitered corner - Melly Sews Want fantastic ideas about arts and crafts?

very easy to do

Flower Petal Smocking Tutorial - Not sure I'll ever do this, but it made some really pretty flowers.

Моя любимая игрушка) Взяла за основу идею у мастерицы Ольги Мартемьяновой. Ни один малыш не остался равнодушным)) А вам как?

Cute caterpillar in sections with Velcro tabs.

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Pentagon roses embroidered handmade ribbon embroidery needle/ one of my favorite to do I always thought it was called a spider rose

手作 DIY 嘀咕图片

Silk string braiding and bead jewelry embellishment.