Upside down stool. Love this!

Upside down stool! Such a good idea! :) - this has the DIY for how to turn an old stool into a container for wrapping paper, with pockets for all of one's gift wrapping paraphernalia

Pricing Formula. The true cost of selling your handmade products...

the pricing formula - The true cost of selling your handmade products - sometimes the true costs of your products and a popular price is hard to find. So. What's the right pricing (formula)

Dinnerware Jewelry or Makeup Holder by Designs by Studio C featured on I Love That Junk

Makeup Holder with Dinnerware - 13 Perfect DIY Makeup Organization Ideas So pretty with antique tea cup and saucers. - DIY and Crafts

Brilliant- magnets on the bottom of the bottles...

Attach dollar store cookie sheet to the bottom of shelf. Add small magnets to the bottom of glitter glue bottles and they stick to the cookie sheet!

A paper towel holder with page protectors attached by binder rings. Awesome for recipes!

A paper towel holder with page protectors attached by binder many, show off art work by the kids, pictures. I have a spare stainless steel paper towel holder and book project!

More ideas
DIY Craft Room Ideas and Craft Room Organization Projects -  Stickles Storage  -  Cool Ideas for Do It Yourself Craft Storage - fabric, paper, pens, creative tools, crafts supplies and sewing notions |

50 Clever Craft Room Organization Ideas

Kattiz Scrapp: Stickles förvaring / Stickles storage & Velcro, put soft side of Velcro on Stickles bottle & using a picture frame with a piece of scrapbook paper inside the frame.

Is this a DVD rack, or maybe and old CD rack?

This is awesome! using a wine rack for ribbon storage. Now that is clever. Finally a storage solution for ALL my spools of ribbon in one place!---wow--this is a lot of ribbon lol

Great for cardmaking,  scrapbooking, etc.

I have to do this! Scrap paper storage with magazine holders. and I'm going to use cereal boxes instead of magazine holders.

Display for pen ... ordinary glasses on a wine rack.. awesome idea

Ayla would love to have one of these for her crayons/ colored pencils/ markers. I'm thinking with colored cups that she can paint herself :) Use a wine rack and large cups to store markers, colored pencils. for paint markers and such.

Awesome idea. Need to build this for my craft area to hold all my paints and glues.

Paint holder: two wire shelves from one of those wire shelving units and zip tied empty thread spools in all four corners and the middle to keep them together, yet spaced apart enough to hold craft paints (kind of wine rack style).

Piccsy :: Madincrafts DIY Hanging Paint Storage

DIY: Craft Room Organization: PVC and Wire Shelf Paint Storage Tutorials- It will make a big difference in your craft room organization. From some inexpensive materials, you can build hanging paint storage to both organize and display your craft paint!

Pen storage idea - box fitted with ceiling lighting tile cut to size.

"A plastic ceiling tile meant to cover fluorescent lights, cut down and inserted into a box for organizing and carrying copic markers." But not only for copic it can be used for any other marker or color pencils

Des tringles IKEA très pratiques pour y accrocher les perforatrices ! IKEA rods handy to hang drills!

Punch organization and storage Ikea towel bar. Really like this idea definitely considering doing this.

For my future craft room - Jars attached to a shelving unit. by karyn

Baby food jar screwed into shelf for craft storage. Might be cute for spices in the kitchen. Except that baby food jars don't seal air-tight. Bought jars from Hobby Lobby maybe?

Hanging projects in progress. Love this for craft and scrapbooking projects--keep all the supplies together for each project! I could even do this with the kids homeschool projects since shelf space is always maxed out

Hanging projects in progress using pants hangers. Love this for craft and scrapbooking projects--keep all the supplies together for each project!