Blush and Lavender Wedding

Blush and Lavender Wedding

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lavender wedding

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Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated Bride

Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated Bride

Gold and blush

The Blushing Bride

Custom, hand painted, Save The Dates...amazingly talented artist! hire her!

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  • Sara Loza
    Sara Loza

    Love this idea

Ribbon wall - fantastic idea!

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  • Shannon Massar
    Shannon Massar

    love it!!

  • Miranda Wick
    Miranda Wick


bridal bouquet done by Kaleb Norman James Design []

Kaleb Norman James Design | Event, Weddings, Party Designer
  • Lacey Ransdell
    Lacey Ransdell

    Wow!!! That is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  • byDonnaShana


  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez

    I'd throw in a cymbidium orchid or two and call it a day! LOVE it! ❤

  • Kaleb Norman James Design
    Kaleb Norman James Design

    you can't see it from that perspective, but there are about 3 or 4 white/pink cymbidiums around the rim of the bouquet

  • Ashlee Anderson
    Ashlee Anderson

    love the idea

pale pink wedding inspiration board

Something Turquoise {ideas for the DIY bride} -
  • Kim Patterson
    Kim Patterson

    I own those Louboutin's... My fav pair of shoes! So classy!

  • nadia Gonzalez
    nadia Gonzalez

    so cute!!!

  • Alyssia Colombo
    Alyssia Colombo

    so girly love it!!!

  • Juliana Shea
    Juliana Shea

    My favorite color!

  • Paige Martin Books & Art
    Paige Martin Books & Art



Wicker & Stitch
  • Lulu Swain
    Lulu Swain

    They look amazing! I love it!

  • Diane Wohlman
    Diane Wohlman

    my fave color and the smell makes me think of early summer!!

  • Teri Rendon
    Teri Rendon

    My flower muse!

  • Sue Colquitt
    Sue Colquitt

    My favorite flowers!

  • Patty

    I can almost smell them!!!

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Cream with a hint of lavender

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 455399
  • Lirio Fiel
    Lirio Fiel

    wow what a set up.......

  • Michele

    That looks similar to what my sister had at her wedding reception.

  • Jazzy Duncan
    Jazzy Duncan


  • Christobel E. Hanz
    Christobel E. Hanz

    I love this :)

  • Shelby Dobbins
    Shelby Dobbins

    I love this pic im new to pinterest but it looks really nice.

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  • Nancy Onorato
    Nancy Onorato

    So gorgeous! Perfect for someone special on Valentine's Day.

  • Marcia Faircloth
    Marcia Faircloth


  • Shadow Meienberg
    Shadow Meienberg


  • Francesca Tocchella
    Francesca Tocchella


  • Christobel E. Hanz
    Christobel E. Hanz

    This is just beautiful

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Vintage wedding bouquet... The Bridal Bouquet Annie's bouquet, created by Martha Stewart Weddings associate style editor Naomi deManana, combines roses, ranunculus, pieris, hellebores, and dusty miller.

Real Weddings | Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Catherine Shepherd
    Catherine Shepherd

    Gorgeous! I love those colors!

  • Simone Pheiffer
    Simone Pheiffer

    Simply Stunning

  • Jennifer Harrell
    Jennifer Harrell


  • Mike N Michelle Weber
    Mike N Michelle Weber true

  • Trixie V.
    Trixie V.

    I love the color mix of flowers and ribbon.

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cake with lace detailing

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake
  • E. Jacobsen
    E. Jacobsen

    check it out, Laurel Mazzuca!

  • Betsy Iwanski
    Betsy Iwanski

    Simple and elegant!!!

  • Tatum Kenley
    Tatum Kenley

    One word Pretty!!!!!

  • Lea Johnson
    Lea Johnson

    White on white is so elegant.

amazing subtle color changes

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 451158
  • Patricia Baker
    Patricia Baker

    Gorgeous colors, soft blends well!

  • Leslie Fisher
    Leslie Fisher

    very spring looking, loving it

  • huma usmani
    huma usmani


  • Sylvia Mitchell
    Sylvia Mitchell

    Love it

  • Trixie V.
    Trixie V.

    I would like this for Valentine's Day please...

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Clear top tent {with draping- brilliant}, Settees, Gold

  • Deborah Bodenheimer
    Deborah Bodenheimer

    love it

  • Leslie Fisher
    Leslie Fisher

    nice design with the whole grouping

  • Tiffany Fox-Medalen
    Tiffany Fox-Medalen

    i think it would be awesome in purple :)

  • Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long

    lovely wouderful.......nice balloon

vintage wedding table setting PICTURE FRAMES

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  • Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long

    oh wow wouderful. hehehe l dream got do florsit my home.

  • LiLi Lo
    LiLi Lo

    not only for my home, its so nice to be holding a party with it !! ♥

  • Jo Galvan
    Jo Galvan

    so pretty. wish i could do that!

chevron and gold

A New Year’s Eve Sparkly Wedding
  • Pixels + Stitches
    Pixels + Stitches

    i'm in love with that white flower!! do you know the name of it?

  • Shannon Carlisle
    Shannon Carlisle

    With the black center? It's an Anemone. The solid white is a tulip.

  • Pixels + Stitches
    Pixels + Stitches

    you're a gem! thanks! i think they're so unique. they're my new favorite...

  • Shannon Carlisle
    Shannon Carlisle

    I love them too! The dark purple and "blue" varieties are beautiful too :) too bad they have such a short season. Brides always want them for summer and fall :(


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love the colors

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  • Kathryn Calley
    Kathryn Calley

    Laurie Cates this is beautiful! I'm pinning this to my page now!!

peach blooms + dusty miller together

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  • Betsy Iwanski
    Betsy Iwanski

    So elegant!!!

  • Kristin Eberhard
    Kristin Eberhard

    Small accent flowers for topiary tables


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pretty flowers

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  • Betsy Iwanski
    Betsy Iwanski


  • Linda Zibelli
    Linda Zibelli

    Beautiful subtle colors, is that eucalyptus leaves?


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  • Mary Powers
    Mary Powers

    A bit of an edge to the soft flowers. I have to give this more thought....


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  • Captured Innocence Personalized Reborn Dolls
    Captured Innocence Personalized Reborn Dolls

    Love them..!