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old school... the original chicken littles!

You see, in the when they were known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and not the metro sounding KFC, they had the perfect sandwich. --I LOVED those Chicken Littles, WHATEVER they were made ot of.

Old clown in the box @ Jack in the box... They blew them all up as a campaign for a new mascot

Old School Jack In The Box Drive Thru Sign. Check out those prices! My favorite place to go for lunch in high school.

Remember keeping school supplies in a cigar box? Also the perfect storage for all your best treasures!

Cigar Boxes were great storage containers. Remember keeping school supplies in a cigar box? I kept my treasures in a secret cigar box all bound with rubber bands so no one could get in it.

My very first school field trip was to a Taco Bell just like this in first grade. I remember I got the Bellburger (taco meat & grated cheese on a hamburger bun.)

vintage Taco Bell There was one like this on Hillsborough Ave. in Tampa, FL. It was the first time I'd been to a Taco Bell. I had a Bell Burger. never heard of a Taco.

1960s Dairy Queen

Two of my favorite things: Dachshunds and Dairy Queen! Dairy Queen 1960 ad - note Dachshund (right side of ad!

Car Food Service with Car Hops

Drive In's. drive in movie theatre, concession stands tray attached to rolled down car window aqua blue white color old vintage car , watching movies outside in cars autos trucks,