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Late Anglo-Saxon period. The ring is of a type that is associated with the…

Finger Ring - UK Finds Database -

Artifacts of the Kievan Rus

Д.А. Авдусин. Основы археологии : Домонгольская Русь

in the style of old beads (Viking)


The Viking World Tour

SydesJokes: The Viking World Tour

Know your Vegvisirs. I was drawing these, wondered why the different versions around the place. Nobody can figure out what Björks tattoo actually is, a Galdrabók one roughly done most likely #bjork #vegvisir #tattoo

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Norse Raven - Google Search

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Rare Medieval Games Book

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Kali Ruel

Kievan Rus Fox embroidery

Fox Embroidery Pattern

St. Thomas guild - medieval woodworking, furniture and other crafts: Savonarola folding chair

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Selkies are mythological creatures found in Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and Scottish folklore. The word derives from earlier Scots selich,. Selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land.

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Get Medieval on Your Pop-Up

Get Medieval on Your Pop-Up

Great way to secure the tent to the stakes. Modern - Bungee Tie and Ball has "give" to allow for the excessive pulling on the grommets, especially in windy weather. This extra "give" will help to prevent tearing of the grommets: Plus:

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Round pavilion instructions I want this in linen...but I (a) can't afford that and (b) am too lazy

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Pages upon Page of Embroidery Inspiration and Techniques - Sugar Network


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ACEO Viking Ship Art Print Nordic Scandinavian Dragon Ship

ACEO Viking Ship Art Print Nordic Scandinavian Dragon Ship DeLaRenaissance @

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Urban Threads has SO many lovely Celtic and Viking designs! This is just one of many. Hand or machine embroidery.

Nordic Majesty Wolves

Nautical pattern 2 free / Фото #89 - Repertoire des motifs - Orlanda

Fox Nouveau design (UTH7763) from

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Regia Anglorum - These Illustatrations by Liz Daborn show examples of Saxon and Viking Rondel embroidery designs suitable for embroideries for court clothes as worn by the highest classes of English society around the 10th Century.

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Gilded Heraldry - Wolf design (UTH7826) from

Gilded Heraldry - Wolf

By making 2 marks on the side of your thumb, and moving your thumb along as you work, you have a built in gauge for exact stitch length, without marking up your fabric. Genius, right?

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Historical Military Uniforms from the last 1,000 years (good medieval sampling)

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Owls -- the one on the bottom left looks like a russian stacking doll. would make a cute tattoo

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Early tunic / dress. Good for Viking, Anglo-Saxon & many more cultures. Great instructions, including what order to see the pieces in!

Viking Wear ~ 2014 Workshop 1

Early Period Russian Embroidery Blog

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