Whimsy Cakes By Dee

These are just some of my cakes I have made. I love doing cakes that make people smile.
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a cake decorated with an image of a woman's face and many other objects
Painting Cake
I hand painted the face with gel food coloring and edible petal dusts. The art tools are sculpted fondant and gumpaste. The dripping paint becomes the hair of the woman. I loved how it turned out, I hope you love it too. ❤️
a cake decorated with flowers and a brown cow
Highland Cow Cake
This design was based on a AI photo the customer gave me to recreate. However the original had the cow with "toes" 🤦 typical AI. I changed that part to hooves.
there is a cake that looks like a pirate chest with flowers on it and a compass
Suit Case Graduation Cake
This was for a foreign exchange student's graduation party. She was from Paris, France. I made a little picture frame of the Eiffel Tower to symbolize her home. Pretty much the whole design was hand sculpted/painted except the key, lock and photo frame were done with molds.
there is a cake that looks like an animal laying on the ground with other animals around it
Cheshire Cat cake with Alice
Oh no, Cheshire is in trouble again and it looks like Alice is giving him a stern talking to. 😳😆 Sculpted cake with hand sculpted details.
a cup filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows on top of a plate
Hot cocoa mug cake
I love making these cuties! All hand sculpted details.
a cake shaped like a pokemon pikachu sitting on top of a plate
Pokemon Eevee Cake
A cute cake made for a young lady's final chemo therapy treatment party. 🎉🥳
a figurine of a deer with wings and flowers on it's head
A Cute Wolpertinger cake
This creature is from German folklore but I added a little more cuteness to it for a young ladies birthday. This hand sculpted bunny cake has wafer paper wings, gum paste ears and is covered in mainly marshmallow fondant.
a three tiered cake decorated with plants and animals on it's sides, sitting on a wooden platter
Hatching Dinosaur Cake
A fun tiered cake with hatching baby dino, claws and a skull topper. All details were hand made.
A 3 tier cake with hand made leaves, pinecones and a deer skull. A hand painted mountain scene with cut out silhouette of hunter and deer. Deer Hunting Cake, Old Hunter, Hunting Cake, Colorful Cakes
Deer Hunting Cake
A pretty autumn colored cake for a 16 year old hunter. All details were hand sculpted, painted.
there is a cake decorated like a tree with birds on it and tombstones in the background
Crow inspired wedding cake
For a couple's Halloween costume wedding with a little added detail based on the movie "The Crow".. You can see the window as the topper from the apartment scene. All details were hand sculpted
there is a cake decorated with an image of a mermaid on top of the cake
A Mermaid and her plesiosaurus steed
Just a girl and her pet dinosaur out for a ride. All details were hand sculpted
there is a halloween cake with witches in the fire and on it's side
Witchy Cake
"witches do it with their stockings on!" A fun cake with vibrant colors
a three tiered cake decorated with donuts and sprinkles
Donut Cake
A cute "donut grow up" cake with a touch of Kawaii
a cake that looks like it has been made to look like the clown from it
Pennywise from Chapter 1 of IT.
I took this idea from the scene of him going in for a bite and being impaled from a fire poker. All details were hand sculpted!