I do believe in Fairies

Fairies or Faeries... If you truly believe in them and you have your heart and mind open, someday you'll see one :)
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Goblins & Fairies.

Illustrations Spiderwick Chronicles - Arthur Spiderwick Guide to fantastic world around you: Goblins & Fairies Explained

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≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries -

Faerie house

10 Step by Step 'Recipes' for fairy gardens you can create around any tree in your garden, plus a look into the world of fairy house maker, Sally Smith and a

Magical Fairy Woodland-  a doorway into another world

fireflies entering leaving hole in tree in forest, entrance into the earth - KB Williams Gilbert

Absinthe ;-)

Maybe Absinthe is in the vial on the Zucchini's dashboard. Absinthe is an anise flavored spirit that is made from steeping wormwood & other herbs like lemon balm, hyssop and Angelica into alcohol. It is known as the ‘green fairy’ .

Tink ring

Embrace The Magic Ring

Tinker Bell "Believe" Two-Toned Engraved Ring - Embrace The Magic Ring Solid sterling silver with plating, engraved with "Believe." Diamonesk® stones embrace Tinker Bell and light up her wings.