Bucket List - best friend trip... anywhere tropical will do:)

Went on a family cruise when i was in grade and my parents let me bring my best friend at the time, who was like a sister. It was so fun! Now that she's gone, I treasure those memories!


When certain African ppl say they're poor, best believe They are lying!😲😂-Help me. I'm poor. Bridesmaids- Love this movie.

bucket list: move into an apartment with my best friend.

Move into an apartment with my best friend. Or move into an apartment with a complete stranger and become best friends :)

Stang Gang shoes? hehehe JOKE;)

5025 Sergeant Leg Avenue, Inch Heels Pumps Canvas Camouflage Knee High Lace Up Platforms Boots


Best Bitches hand stamped split brass by shama - I found us bestie necklaces!