This dress if from 1912, so a little later than Manor, but oooh, is it gorgeous. Similar to the one Charlotte wears to the ball.

Queen Maud's Dress - 1913 - Victoria and Albert Museum - Watsonette This "Queen Maud" was Princess of Wales, until she married Prince Carl of Denmark. He was crowned King Haakon VII of Denmark and she became Queen Maud.

Cooks Dress and Apron 1905, Made of cotton

Object Name: cook's dress, blouse and skirt Date: Accession Number: Credit: Manchester City Galleries

Pierre Bulloz, Paris, ca. 1910. Deep purple silk satin; set of jacket, bodice, and skirt; black silk faille belt; white cotton tulle jabot on bodice. Kyoto Costume Institute: "Women started wearing tailored suits, with designs that were influenced by men's clothing, in the middle of the 19th century as traveling wear or sportswear. At around 1910 they became a popular wardrobe staple."

Silk Satin Day Dress -- Circa 1910 -- Pierre Bulloz -- Paris, France: ca. silk satin bodice and skirt -- Kyoto Costume Institute

The Great Staircase (actually at Ham House in Surrey).

The Great Staircase at Ham House, Surrey, England. Constructed in for William Murray, it was designed as a magnificent prelude to the splendours of the upstairs State Apartment

Gloves are so elegant, and no lady would be at a formal occasion without them...

Edwardian Opera Gloves in white kid leather. No fully formal outfit would be complete without them! New York, NY

The kitchen at Petworth House is very similar to the one in The Manor.

The kitchen at Petworth House is very similar to the one in The Manor.

Van Dyck's portrait of Charles I of England with his wife, Henrietta Maria. (which I imagine hanging on the wall at The Manor).

Van Dyck Charles I and Henrietta - Anthony van Dyck - Wikimedia Commons