Lettering for the architectural PCA / Philippe Chiambaretta , facades of the mall Aéroville at Roissy

Gallery of Aeroville / Philippe Chiambaretta - 31

Type design, for the architecture studio PCA/Philippe Chiambaretta, of the outside walls of the commercial Mole Aéroville in Roissy, France.

Signage Vinyl

This was a component of the identity design for the AUT Design Exhibition We were asked to undertake this project as a group (second year students). The process of the way finding system started with us coming up with the arrow shape that work&

White Trees window film - part of Tektura's new window film range

Gym Glass Door (White Trees window film - part of Tektura's new window film range)

Whole Foods Market's regional hq, Chicago by Gensler....

Whole foods headquarters - On the Fortune list of best places to work for. Text to inspire employees

Window film graphic

Way finding graphics for the fitness center - or a take on this for the super graphic