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Mushroom and beef soup - I omit the wild rice, but it's an incredible, creamy mushrooms soup. Roast the beef bones to make broth, and it's perfect. Thanks to Kerry for the link, and for making me realise that I really do like soup when it's good soup!

Creamy Beef, Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

Zabíjačka bez prasiatka + domaci klobasy

Zabíjačka bez prasiatka

Trojčokoládový cake | Delicious recipes for every day | xn--mamkyrecepty-...

Trojčokoládový zákusok

Czech Potato Soup (vegan) with dried mushrooms, leeks, celeriac, cabbage ...

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Medovnik ( aka: honey cake) Best cake in Prague. Not a huge sweet dessert kinda gal, so this was perfect. Hint of sweet and just yum. Must learn to make this!

Provereni recepti. Cooks and Bakes: Medovik

Potato Dumplings (Kluski) made with sauteed bacon and onions

My Mother's Cooking - Potato Dumplings with Bacon and Onions

Prague, Czech Republic. Street food: "trdelnik" = Cinnamon Roll #AMERICANAPPAREL #PINATRIPWITHAA

Trdelnik - Rolled Pastries in Prague and Slovakia

Blackberry and Cherry Kolaches - Similar to a Danish, Kolaches have a dollop of fruit filling in the middle, but with a softer, fluffier, more roll like dough. #Sweet Roll

Blackberry and Cherry Kolaches

Czech Christmas Bread Recipe

Czech Christmas Bread

Kremrole...YUUUUM. I want

Kremrole | Nechte se nést na sladkém obláčku

Cucumber Salad (Uhorkový Šalát)

Cucumber Salad (Uhorkový Šalát) recipe - Slovak Cooking

Is this Cream Slice from Slovenia? Oh, I so hope so!!!! The one and only cream pie: Krempita!

Tortelina: Krempita

Shopgirl: Traditional Czech Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

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Rychlořezy s jogurtovopudinkovým krémem Krém upravený, 600g bílého jogurtu, 350ml vody, 3 pudinky vanilkové, 12dkg cukru, 1 1/3 zlaté hany. jinak vše stejné :-)

Rychlořezy s jogurtovopudinkovým krémem

Czech Republic Food History and Classic Recipes! My Hubby's Czech :)

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Recipe: Czech Potato Pickle Soup (Polevka okukova)

Recipe: Czech Potato & Pickle Soup (Polévka okurková)

Slovenian-Cream-Cake Recipe -

Slovenian Custard Flaky Cake Recipe -

These unusual-looking Hungarian treats are known as chimney cakes - yeasted dough is rolled around spindles and baked until golden and lightly crunchy.

Tubular Treats: Transylvanian Chimney Cakes | SAVEUR

Trdelnik - Slovak Czech Sweet Pastry Recipe -In prague now and can't get enough of these! Sooo good.

Trdelnik - Slovak/Czech Sweet Pastry

Authentic European bohemian-style kolaches (koh-LAH-chee), unlike the open filled versions found in most of the U.S., have sweet dough wrapped around the fruit filling. In this recipe, canned fruit pie filling makes the treat easy to assemble.

Kolaches -

Kolache Recipe - Make Traditional Czech Kolaches at Home

Kolache Recipe - Make Traditional Czech Kolaches at Home

Recipe Clipping For Kolachi-My dad used to make fruit Kolachis for us.

Kolachi Recipe Clipping |

Marshmallow Frosting Recipe (for the hostess cupcakes, maybe?) (Martha Stewart Recipe)

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Obložené Chlebíčky (Czech finger food)

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My favorite Czech food.. Grandma used to make these all the time :)

Sweet and Savory Kolaches | chaos in the kitchen