I really want a full back piece that had a cherry blossom tree, Koi fish, dragon and Phoenix.

A monk at Shibuya Station, Tokyo by Diego Malara

"A monk at Shibuya Station, Tokyo by Diego Malara" Beautiful composition and colours. - charcoal and bright orange

Peace - Diane Leonard

"Peace" by Diane Leonard - American Impressionist Artist.

Traditional Dancer, Okinawa Pref.,Japan

A pair of classical Okinawan dancers wait for their cue to enter the stage at the Okinawan Culture Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Tribe Sexy | Jessiann Gravel-Beland | Ben Riggott #photography | Cosmopolitan UK May 2012

tribe sexy: jessiann gravel-beland by ben riggott for cosmopolitan uk may 2012


Phone Booth - a thing of the past (Love the girls tights with the crotch creeping down - used to drive me nuts as a kid)

Creepy Zombie Boy

Bars & Nightlife in Montreal

Zombie Boy Rick Genest / He's like 100 times hotter with the face tattoos

Watercolour Fashion Illustration Print - Foris for Earth Day by Cate Parr

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Artist: Andre Kohn {contemporary red figurative female woman posterior back texture painting}


Octopus tattoos are unique and mysterious. If you're considering an octopus tattoo design, take the time to view our octopus tattoos, octopus tattoo meanings, and ideas for your tattoo.

A Walrus reacts after being presented with a birthday cake made from fish.  "...I look at it like this. Animals aren't Human beings, but if you stare at your Dog or Pet long enough, you'll realize that animal is a person just like you, but has chosen to experience "reality" at a different vibration..." It's proven that animals have the same range of emotions that humans do.

Walrus' reaction after getting a birthday cake made out of fish. So cute it hurts. I now want a Walrus of my own, just so I can give it fish cakes and make it this happy. So sweet!