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say it proud

say it proud

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so true!!

John Cusack on Jesus

Sam and his shoes. His mom is fantastic. Hate is taught.

30 surprising facts, worth reading.

war kills people from the inside out sometimes “In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” This is sad. A tally of service members who've committed suicide compared to those killed. Tragic in every way.

I feel a huge contradiction with this statement.

Why Complicate Life?

I needed this gentle reminder....

Watch this video and just TRY not to be open-minded.



*CLICK* ... can't handle it. Tracy G yup!!

facing chemotherapy with mendhi - strength and beauty

Karma cleanse

You always stand a little taller when you reach out to lift others. When you help another up a mountain you end up scaling it yourself as well. You cannot hold up a torch to light another’s path without also brightening your own. Treating everyone with dignity and respect, kindness and consideration is a WIN/WIN situation!

Awwww, this feels so COOL... Tracy G for ryan :)

Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from 1930s-1950s. (totally would've loved this, growing up as a beanpole. hahaha! you get teased a lot for being a gangly stick figure. curves are beautiful and I can't understand why ladies would rather by twigs.) CRAZY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!

hahah just awesome


Couldn't have put it better myself.

Stop excuses and become 100% accountable with these tips



this is me. oh so me