I think my kids would schnuggle this thing to death!

Smallest doggie ever. how can I say no to this little sweet face? OMG, how much is that doggie in the window?

Cats with mustaches

I mustache you a question.shave it for later! my two favorite things mustaches and kitties :)

Funny animals   Love

Love Cool how them together makes a shape of a Heart. These kitties are so cute, & how the form a heart in the picture is just. I LOVE this pic!

Funny stuff

Funny pictures about Long story short. Oh, and cool pics about Long story short. Also, Long story short.


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Funny Animal Captions - Animal Capshunz: Alas!

:) [ "(Psalm \"Let everything that hath breath praise The Lord. Praise ye The Lord.", "Oh Happy Day! (Even the little creatures Prais

This game combines two activities children are nuts about: hide-and-seek and make-believe.

Decorate some squirrels and use them for spontaneous outdoor scavenger hunts.

Chao MLP:Twilight, AppleJack and Spike by Extra-Fenix.deviantart.com

Chao MLP:Twilight, AppleJack and Spike by Extra-Fenix.deviantart.com

chibi sonic and amy

chibi Amy and chibi Sonic by Extra-Fenix on deviantART

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