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Na'vi Song to Eywa by *RockerMissTammy on deviantART

Song of the Na'vi All images and resources belong and are courtesy of respective owners. AVATAR © James Cameron, Lightstorm Entertainment and Centu. Na'vi Song to Eywa

The brains behind the beast.

© Copyright by H. GigerAlien head close-up on Exhibit at the German Film Museum, Frankfurt, © Matthias Belz

This movie was a great sequel to the first i give it 8/10 it was well put together and i was never confused.  This movie is pg-13 for vilonce and language. Would be okay for mature 11 year olds

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Primates & Humans Battle for Global Dominance in Upcoming Film Sequel dam me this movie was good and it's a little sadly sooo children under 10 don't watch unless u boss like that