DIY write on dinnerware with porcelain pen and to instructions. very cool.

Buy plates from Dollar Store, write things like, Night Before Christmas, wedding vows, happy birthday song. Using a Porcelaine 150 Pen.

DIY Hanging Plate Wall Designs with Fine China, Fancy Plates...

More plates on the wall. DIY Hanging Plate Wall Designs with Fine China, Fancy Plates, Artistic Plates. Trying to decide if I should adventure outside of my wooden plate wall.

polka dot plate wall

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How pretty would this platter be delivering piles of cookies? #etsy #etsyfinds

This wonderful serving piece was hand-built from creamy white clay. I hand-carved the edge with a playful scalloped design and then painstakingly

What a cute plate!

Anthropologie Francophile Dinner Plate, Eiffel Tower // I'm not big on Eiffel Tower items but this is pretty endearing.

I like this plate display...

Bright and Cheery

So sweet! Flags are adorable.

I want a 'special' plate like this. To be used on birthdays, days when a child (or Dad!) has achieved something special, days when someone is down and in need of a boost, etc.