Kami Bowker
Kami Bowker
Kami Bowker

Kami Bowker

I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Slow Cooker Apple Crisp Allrecipes.com

Artist: Katie Eberts

That's how I got my man. He knows I'm not perfect. No one is.

And did it together, no help from brake ups ♥

2nd chances are never quite the same

Marriage If you want something to last forever...

you're kind of annoying sometimes...and you also bother me, but i like you....and i think...i think even like the bits that bother me. ljd [yuree]

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EXACTLY. MY POINT . ¬¬ Not many people understand this.

like those moments where you're freaking out and then someone attractive you've never seen before looks at you. Awesome.

Yes........ N we both willing to forgive n forget so here's our 2nd chance for our fairytale ending

you snooze you lose!

Inspiring picture hurt, love, never, text, alone, dissapointed. Resolution: 500x350. Find the picture to your taste!

Don't live with regret - say what you feel!

You have to DIVORCE your past hurts, regrets, and pain in order to Find the Missing Piece to the life you crave and he business you desire. God's not consulting your past to determine your future so why are you.