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Baby pandas everywhere! :D Oh my gosh I want to be wherever that is. animal pic of the day so many baby panda's!

上野動物園のパンダ、生後50日迎える 表情もさらに愛らしく (AFP=時事) - Yahoo!ニュース

上野動物園のパンダ、生後50日迎える 表情もさらに愛らしく (AFP=時事) - Yahoo!ニュース

My cat does this when I brush my teeth.

My Simba loves to be with me in the garden and does this every time.


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23 giant panda cubs make their debut to the public at the Base of Giant Panda Breeding on September 2016 in Chengdu, China. All the 23 panda cubs were born in the base this year.