Julian Callos / Negative Space

This piece of artwork shows space. In this particular artwork there is negative space all around the person. The person takes up about half the page but then the rest of it is just white space which is negative.

Designer: Carol Hayes - http://boldextended.com/

Interview with Carol Hayes

Pressing letterforms into the snow, Carol Hayes continues to make a beauty mark on book covers with her innovative design of The Zoo in Wint.

2015年春広告メイキングのテーマは「恋は奇跡。愛は意思。」 LUMINE 2015 spring 撮影photo:蜷川 実花mika ninagawa モデルmodel:小松 菜奈nana komatsu

For its new campaign, LUMINE has collaborated with renowned photographer Mika Ninagawa with copywriting by Mariko Ogata. The campaign features a colorful vis.



Lithuanian Vodka Original Limited Edition: Winter edition | Ads of the World™

Dressed for Winter. Lithuanian Vodka Original Limited Edition Ad by Adell Taivas Ogilvy

A sporting life! Hermès presents its autumn-winter 2013 advertising campaign. #hermes #fashion

Hermés FW 2013 ski ad campaign, A Sporting Life, featuring model Iselin Steiro with photographs by Nathaniel Goldberg.

キャッチコピーが秀逸。繊細な女心が表現された『東京新潟物語』とは | AdGang

キャッチコピーが秀逸。繊細な女心が表現された『東京新潟物語』とは | AdGang

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