A fresh take on sushi – Maki-San

Here you go expanded pin a fresh take on sushi – Maki-San was soo popular 2013 toppin PD

Pantone chart. The colourful Queen

Pantone chart. The colourful Queen

~いのちをまもるインテリア、はじめませんか。~ + MET PROJECT は、創業84年のヘルメットメーカー・谷沢製作所が提案する、新しい防災のかたち。ヘルメットにインテリアとして別の機能を付加することで、家庭やオフィスへの普及を促す活動です。

Earthquakes are very common in Japan. There’s a tremor every five minutes and over earthquakes that can be felt by people every year. Being prepared for

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YMCA Playnasium - Make gym time play time

Make gym time play time with the YMCA Playnasium! For over 150 years the YMCA’s purpose has been to make communities healthier and happier by getting people .

CLIO Awards 2015

2015 Promo and Activation Gold: The Salt You Can See, Fundación Favaloro and…

Usa Today Newspaper: "USA TODAY VISUAL IDENTITY" Design & Branding  by Wolff Olins

The Design & Branding titled USA TODAY VISUAL IDENTITY was done by Wolff Olins advertising agency for product: Usa Today Newspaper (brand: Usa Today) in United States.

スクリーンショット 2015-07-08 19.15.03

スクリーンショット 2015-07-08 19.15.03