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Carp by Takase Kozan made from iron, copper, shibuichi (copper and silver alloy) and shakudo (copper and gold alloy).

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Silver Jizai Okimono by Takase Kozan kanegae (May 31, 2010 12:13 PM) Made of pure silver. Perfect condition. About 10cm. Taisho-Showa Era.

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竹庭 柳生の庄|「柳生の庄40周年記念 堀 文子展」開催 ギャラリー

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正直作 だるまころがし根付

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Stoneware clay, glazed in a white glaze and decorated with screen printed ceramic decals.

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Tumbling doll and child netsuke by Masanao I was tought '' netsuke has to stand'' when I started to study about netsuke. Certainly, almost netsuke can stand. And they let me show their best pose with unsure step. But there is one netsuke that still have enough strength in reserve. It have miracle balance. I think it is masterpiece that utilize the theory of the '' netsuke has to stand". 4.5cm(h)