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Kandis Tsuchiya
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I'm not the first person to write this post but there might be a few tips here you haven't read somewhere else. Is it time to get your TV off the console or get some artwork around it? Read on for my advice. . .

Principles of design: Balance: This could at first appear to be symmetrical, but when you look at all the elements, such as the drawers on the left & the ottomans on the right, it makes it broken up more so it's not in such tight symmetry.

An affordable way to bring a room to life is with indoor plants. Today I am sharing ideas of making a statement with plants all throughout the house.

Let’s talk about Indoor Plants. I will admit that I have had many a challenges with keeping them alive…from the Ficus Tree that I brought into the bathroom every time I took a shower so it can feel like it was in the Tropics…to the Countless Zebra Plants

travel capsule wardrobe wardrobe planning minimal wardrobe

travel capsule wardrobe wardrobe planning minimal wardrobe --//-- navy, gray, burgundy, teal (or mustard!