Oh, yes.

Funny Friendship Ecard: We'll be best friends forever because you already know too much. So true for my Bestie Kim and I!

Sarcasm- this is soooo true in our family. If we bust your chops, you have been accepted as one of us!!

Sarcasm- this is soooo true in my family and friends. If we bust your chops, you have been accepted as one of us!

hahaha. Exactly.

Best Liz Lemon line of ALL TIME.

That guy wanted to buy you a drink. But I already have a drink. Do you think he' d buy me mozzarella sticks? I'd buy a girl mozzarella sticks if she asked. moron is an anti main


Oh my gosh. I seriously thought I was the only one who's had this come to mind while in the shower. Now I don't feel like an insane, over-thinking teenager.

Thor or Loki. This is fantastic!

Funny pictures about Thor or Loki. Oh, and cool pics about Thor or Loki. Also, Thor or Loki.

Hahaha! Yes!

Farewell letter from

Beer before liquor, never sicker. Toothpaste before orange juice, dead. Haha thus the reason I rarely drink orange juice I about died!

... They just don't :)

"Happy people don't shoot their husbands" - Elle Wood , Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon

Hunger Games + Harry Potter + Mean Girls = Epic-ness!

Not a random a comic book thing.but I'm sorry this is hilarious. Hunger Games/Harry Potter/ Mean Girl all together hahahaha


roses are red violets are blue faces like yours belong in the zoo

Hahaha. I love grammar. :)

Proper grammar makes me happy. I would rather cuddle then have sex. If you're good with grammar, you'll get it.