Fresh fruit cake - A Cake that is made entirely of fresh fruit!! - So doing this for my sons 3rd birthday (He is one of the few 3 year olds that just wont eat cake!!)

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Birthday cake idea for matthew!

creating sweet and savoury this idea is a great one, On this particular item, I would peel the oranges first.

I think I'm going to dip these in chocolate for valentines day!

watermelon rabbit


Set of ideas for food decorating ~ Decorpub

Stacked Fresh Watermelon Cake - for summer birthday parties! This looks so good!!

Fruit cake. I want this for my next whipped cream. Yum!


cucumber rose

Holiday | Christmas Trees | Fruits & Veggies

I heard you like Christmas Trees

Fruit and rice krispies kebabs

fruit train

watermelon teapot - what a wonderful addition to a tea party!!

fruit train

food fairy-party-ideas tinkerbell

So fun for a centerpiece at christmas!

This was my absolute favorite thing at a Christmas party this year! SO CUTE!

fancy lemons super cute to float in a punch bowl.

Inspiration for the Easter cake I made this past year! I added a chocolate bunny and it made it so festive! So super easy, versitile, and looks great! Don't forget to check out the other cakes on this site, especially the barrell cakes (great for the fall). Could also fill one up with blue m's as bubble and rubber duck for a baby shower-- has the possibility to be original and cute! gormangirl24