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weaving tutorial, dreamcatcher

For a friends birthday

How To Create A Bohemian Atmosphere In Your Home blog.freepeople.c...

canvas ideas to paint - Google Search. This would be cute to do a series for each season and switch them!

crate coffee table dimensions. I'd probably put glass over the table instead of filling the hole though

Bohemian Chic Style are rich in patterned fabrics, colorful walls and have been a decorating style going back to Gypsy culture of the late 19th century and the Bloomsbury Group in the early 20th century in England,

Mirrored Subway Tiles

im in love with this color...idk if i'm bold enough to do it though.... the more i see this the more i love it!

Using bookshelves to make an entry way! Brilliant! If you have an older home where the front door goes straight into your living room.

A Mothers Prayer for an unruly daughter.

Pantry surrounding fridge. All food in one place!

apartment decor inspiration1 the glossy guide: make your apartment a home-- quite enjoy the wallpapered fireplace that houses books. So Fahrenheit 451

10 Great Inexpensive DIY Home Decor Ideas