Water color crayons. Shaved onto the paper with a sharpener, then sprayed with water and sandwiched between paper and ironed.

Watercolor Crayon Shavings: Use a pencil sharpener to shave watercolour crayons onto paper. Spray with water, sandwich between paper & iron


This beautiful sunset is one happy colour scheme. Though black is not considered a happy colour however when it's amongst the colours of the rainbow you can't help but smile when you look at this nature's beauty!


Colorful Abstract with Swirls - Original Drawing 9x12

Rainbow Color

This would be a neat painting idea for a dresser with MANY drawers.be good for a craft room.


Rainbow traffic lights From post: "hahaha! wonder what the other colors mean.do a little dance?click your heels 3 times?


Freeze colored ice, add to glass in layers. Fill glass with Sierra Mist. St pattys day for the kids Rainbow Drink. Freeze colored ice, add to glass in…


Color Gamps - One of the joys of weaving is how color interacts in the cloth. When weft crosses the warp, it changes the apparent color of the warp, sometimes quite dramatically.

Ever experienced a color disaster in your quilts? If you think picking fabrics for quilts is a magic trick you can’t master, you’re not alone. But color choices don’t have to be intuitive, instinctive, or inborn. Come learn a color lesson—that sorts your stash too!—at the Stitch This! blog.

Fabrics sorted into a color wheel - i need to learn bout color!